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What Is Toy Insurance?

Toy insurance coverage can represent two different categories. One is your valuable and luxury collections. The other is your recreational toys like ATVs, motorcycles, RVs, boats, etc. These are all fairly expensive and require toy insurance to protect them. 


What Does It Cover?

For your precious collections, comprehensive toy insurance coverage includes burglary, fire, flood, loss, natural disasters, theft and other causes of loss. 


For your recreational toys, coverage includes liability (including bodily injury liability and property damage liability), collision, comprehensive (damages/losses that aren’t due to collisions such as fire, vandalism and theft) and underinsured/uninsured (especially during hit-and-runs). 


Why Do You Need It?

Accidents do happen and when they do, toy insurance may help pay the cost of damage to the vehicles involved and any medical bills. Toy insurance also gives you peace of mind in knowing these valuable types of assets are protected in the event of an accident. Based on what you have and what value your toys are, you should buy applicable insurance coverage.


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